Nouveau Batiment Saint Helene du Lac Alpes Connectique Services

Our implantations :


  • Sainte Hélène du Lac - France
  • Bizerte - Tunisie

Research and development


  • Development connectors specifications


  • Conceptualization of means of production

SIX SIGMA methods

Solar roadway

Solar Roadways: Future roads

The company Alpes Connectique Services is proud to be part of the WattWay solar roadway project developed by the company COLAS and INES (Institut National de l’énergie solaire), tthe French National Institute for Solar Energy.

Solar panels and electric connectivity for tomorrow's roadways with ACS

To produce electricity

The COLAS group’s ambition is to use many kilometres of roads, cycle paths and car parks to produce electricity with the world’s first photovoltaic road surface.

Tomorrow’s roadways equipped with ACS connectors.

A dedicated connector for solar roadways

The project presents a real challenge for ACS: to
design and develop a connective solution to handle the multiple climatic and mechanical strains placed on this particular environment, such as water, frost, extreme heat and the constant flow of traffic, but also to ensure long-term reliability and safety.
All our teams’ knowledge and expertise are going into meeting this challenge and to help build the roads of tomorrow.

Photovoltaic panel for the project of solar road Wattway by company COLAS.

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