Nouveau Batiment Saint Helene du Lac Alpes Connectique Services

Our implantations :


  • Sainte Hélène du Lac - France
  • Bizerte - Tunisie

Research and development


  • Development connectors specifications


  • Conceptualization of means of production

SIX SIGMA methods

Specific and customized connectors

We develop custom-made connectors for special requirements in either current power or signal transmission.

We can develop and manufacture female terminal housing and tab housings for various domains such as:

  • The automobile industry, for intelligent function commands, security or comfort…
  • The electronic and home automation industry, to control and manage remote controlled blinds…
  • The pyrotechnics industry to trigger explosive charges…
  • The renewable energy industry through the connections of solar panels destined for the construction of solar roads, parkings and shadehouses…

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