Nouveau Batiment Saint Helene du Lac Alpes Connectique Services

Our implantations :


  • Sainte Hélène du Lac - France
  • Bizerte - Tunisie

Research and development


  • Development connectors specifications


  • Conceptualization of means of production

SIX SIGMA methods

Manufacturing connectors since 1995

History and values

Since 1995, the history of Alpes Connectique Services has followed a path of managed development, based upon substantial expertise and strong human values.
Today, ACS is an integrated business, incorporating R&D, automated production (high-speed cutting, injection-moulding, assembly) and supply chain operations.
A production unit in Tunisia supplements our capability for the delivery of appropriate solutions to our clients.
Our ability to extend ourselves allows us, on an international scale, to trade, design and deliver high-performance products on a wide range of markets.
Innovation is part of the core funding of Alpes Connectique Services – this is demonstrated day-to-day through our designers, in both our products and our processes.
The trust which we inspire in our clients comes from a daily commitment to overcome technical challenges. Thanks to our success, a corporate team, history and culture generate motivation and a client-focused sense of action. This probably explains why Alpes Connectique Services is different.
Chaired by Cyril Ginet, surrounded by a dynamic team, Alpes Connectique Services is responsive to its clients’ needs and does its utmost to meet their expectations.

Evolution of sales

2018 (14.8 M€)
2019 (15.2 M€)
2020 (13.7 M€) Covid !
2021 (16.9 M€)
2022 (18.1 M€)
2023 (19.8 M€)

Exports - A.C.S. exports 80 % of its production


Europe :

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain

Asia & Africa :

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia

America :

  • USA

Our locations

A.C.S. France – Ste Hélène du Lac

  • Head Office
  • R&D
  • Production
  • Supply chain

A.C.S.T. Tunisie – Bizerte

  • Production
Nouveau bâtiment industriel Alpes Connectique Services