Nouveau Batiment Saint Helene du Lac Alpes Connectique Services

Our implantations :


  • Sainte Hélène du Lac - France
  • Bizerte - Tunisie

Research and development


  • Development connectors specifications


  • Conceptualization of means of production

SIX SIGMA methods


Invited by the SOMFY Group to the “SUPPLIERS EVENT 2017” witch was held from 4 to 5 May in Krakow, our company was nominated twice for the “Product Development” and “Innovation” awards and our President, Cyril Ginet, received from the jury the “PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT” award.
For ACS and its staff, it is a great reward that reflects the spirit of our company:
be creative every day,

  • putting our skills and know-how at the service of our customers for the
  • development and production of new and innovative products,
  • to accompany on the entire value chain our clients who wish to integrate a customized connector in their products…

Much has been traveled since 1995 when the company was founded, or ACS was a subcontractor at the service of only connector manufacturer, till today where our company is recognized internationally…

ACS awarded the prize "PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT" at EVENT SUPPLIERS 2017 Somfy Group.